Our irrigation system is very durable and easy to use so, you can spend the least time thinking about your garden maintenance however, sprinklers got designed with a lot of small parts moving in coordination which demands care and maintenance. For each troubleshooting task, there are different tools and devices which are quite costly for a homeowner so, Five Star irrigation systems are all equipped with a complete line of Sprinkler parts and are always ready to help our customers in fixing their issues related to sprinkler and garden. Most commonly you encounter minimal problems like valve leaks, broken pipes and spring start-ups which can be handled easily by expert contractors with in-depth knowledge of the functioning parts.

Our professional technicians are fully competent to:

  • Repair Valve Leaks
  • Service or replace Irrigation Valves
  • Service or replace Sprinkler Heads
  • Replace Piping – Polyethylene or PVC
  • Trouble Shoot and Repair Control Wire Issues
  • Service or Replace Timing Modules
  • Diagnose and Service Irrigation Controllers
  • Change or Adjust Sprinkler heads.

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