Smart Automatic Watering System

Five-star irrigation systems understand that it’s quite difficult for you to maintain your garden look beautiful and fresh all the time when you have to water it by hand which needs time as sometimes you feel lazy in doing this or busy with some important stuff. So, we provide solutions to this problem with an automatic irrigation system which reduces the hassle of keeping your gardens green by dispersing the precise amount of water to every corner to maintain your lush lawn and garden throughout the season long and SAVE

  • WATER: Automatic irrigation system disperse the right amount of water in the right areas.
  • MONEY: When water will get used more efficiently, you will undoubtedly get benefited on your water bill.
  • TIME: Save the time you spend on watering your yard and utilize it on things you want to do.



If you are looking to automate your garden watering system, Contact Five Star irrigation system for a no-obligation quote. One of our specialists will come to your place, talk to you to understand your needs and inspect the property like plant materials, soil types, sun/shade levels, and water supply.


Our expert professional will listen to your plant needs and property features with available irrigation technology to suggest a right design and solution for your yard that will enhance the beauty of your space which will need low maintenance and provide an accurate and affordable quote.


When you are ready, the Five Star Irrigation system team will come and quietly install the automatic, easy to control irrigation system in your yard without disrupting your surrounding areas. There might be small lawn damages which we would repair before leaving. After installation, we will follow-up with you to make sure everything is working perfect, or any touch up is required.


This new automatic irrigation system will not require more of your attention as we provide you a quick orientation while setting up your controller with your irrigation system so that you can control it as per your need. You can call us anytime if you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help!


Our irrigation system is very durable and easy to use so, you can spend the least time thinking about your garden maintenance. However, we do offer a full range of maintenance services so that you can relax and enjoy the gorgeous, healthy and colorful garden all season long.


Five Star Irrigation System Guarantees your irrigation system for one year after its completion against faulty workmanship, Five years on sprinkler heads and five years on the controller. All warranties apply only if Five Star Irrigation Maintains blow-out and startups. Subject to the following provisions, Damage caused by owner's negligence, digging, plowing subsoil sinkage.

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